...this is how people are when they don't think about what they say

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I felt that today was gonna be an interesting day and it actually was...but i also got irritated. In my 2nd period class, which is U.S History, we went over a brief intro to the Holocaust because we're gonna have a survivor come talk to us about it on thursday...i thought it was really sad, it made me think about how cruel people can be and you can also relate it to homosexuality and homophobic people (well not a whole lot but in some ways you can). It goes to show that people only think about what they think is right in their mind and are not open-minded about other things.

My teacher wrote this phrase on the board that i thought was pretty much true; "Being different makes you a target", or something like that and it's true because some people are so used to one thing that if anything different or as they say out of the "norm" they freak out and go against you...put you on as a target of their disapproval.

So that's what happened in my 2nd period...i had an exam for my 3rd period Chemistry class, which i hope i did alright in. We only had 4 classes today. My last class was 5th period, which is english, and we went to the library to see this speaker for the Literature Festival that's coming up in April (i sooooo wanna go lol) and the lady was talking to us about the different authors and such that are gonna be there...she then read 4 poems and 1 short story;

1. Alohi Ae O'
2. Chinese Hot Pot
3. Teenage Couples in a Berdin Cafe
4. Entrance into the Black Gate (idk about this one..i forgot the title lol)
5. Three Soldiers

After she told us to get into literature circles and discuss the poem or short story we were interested in, so i was in a group with 3 friends of mine and we were discussing our poem which was the one i couldn't remember lol...my friend looks at me and tells me that this girl in our class said something to this other girl about us (let's call them Am and Lu). So my friend tells me that Lu asked Am what poem we were doing and Am replied that we were doing the "GAY" one (Teenage Couples in a Berdin Cafe was about a girl thinking about kissing another girl, so it did have a lesbian theme or so) and so Am called us lesbians.

I was so mad after that...well i'm not taking it that personally because it is what i am and i don't really care about what she thinks, it's just the whole part of bring my friends into it. it made me irritated that just that she didn't even know what we were doing and because she knows that am that way, she didn't have to ASSUME (like everyone else does) that my friends are like that too. What amazes me was that i used to like Am when we had Biology last year together...i thought she was nice and pretty and all that good stuff, then Lu found out i was gay and so they were pretty nice to me after that because Lu likes to snob people.

After biology class, Lu would say Hi to me and stuff which amazed the shit outta me lol but i didn't really care that much either...but now it's different and i guess over time you finally do realize how people really are...i didn't like Am after that and now since that happened today...my respect for her and Lu has really gone down.

Idk i have this thing where i have a lot of respect for people because for one idk that much about them and they all have their problems and such, but when people do or say certain things...my respect for them just goes down and i'd love to say i hate them, but it's part of life and people are that way because they just can't accept it and i can't blame them for it...i just always hope that they realize the the space they have reserved for disliking things and putting people down could also open up and be more opeminded...


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I have Chemistry third hour

I have Chemistry third hour too! :D

I'm sorry that your day was a bit sour, but make lemonade!
I don't know what I'm saying. I need to rest...

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD