Ugly Betty

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Soooo, thoughts? About to go eat dinner, but I've been watching this show since it aired a few months ago, and I love it! The connection between GLBT and Ugly Betty is... all over it. Betty works at a fashion magazine, surrounded by gay men, and she has a more-than-likely gay nephew (who ends up bringing up all sorts of issues between his parents related to his activites), recently (and not to spoil any surprises), the topic of sex-changes was essentially brought up on the show. Oh, and Selma Hyak is REALLY pretty! And the actor who plays Daniel is hott too! Mmm, anyway, it's a really great, GLBT friendly show!

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Mark is so funny. Simply said. And he has great hair.


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I love Ugly Betty. I think it's doing a lot to represent the GLBT community.

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i havent seen this show yet, but i did saw the latin vertion that whas first then this one i never liketed the spanish vertion cainda cheese... thats really cool that the show has conection with GLBT....

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uhh...isnt ugly betty a

uhh...isnt ugly betty a remake of betty la fea? just wondering...i think it's got the same plot as the latter...

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yeah think so, but "ugly betty" sounds better the "betty la fea", and theres a nother novela call'd "la fea mas bella" is the same crap lol but with diferen charecters...

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I watched that show acouple of times, it's really peachy!

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Hahaha I really wanna see

Hahaha I really wanna see it, but I never seem to have time anymore... / controll of the remote. Neither really... *meh*

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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I wish I could see it, but I

I wish I could see it, but I don't have cable. Rats.

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It's on ABC, not cable.

This week was hilarious with Justin doing all of Hairspray the Musical in the subway.

Also, lets you watch full episodes online, assuming you have a fast-enough connection.


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Whoops. Thanks for the info, Jeff! I think I'll be checking out soon. :)

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Love it of course. Although I found it quite entertaining to find out that mark indelicato, who plays justin, doesn't think his character is gay

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