Weird dream

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No reply from Sora yet. In case you were wondering...

But I had a really weird dream...

I was like, at this convention, and I had a costume and stuff, and it was snowing outside... That was normal enough...

And I met up with a friend from elementary school, and I hung out with her for a little while.

And then it was sunny outside, and Sora was there, so we walked around for a bit. And then police cars came. And the guy pulls over and just tells me to get in.

Now I'm terrified of police. (I have a very good reason for that.) So I just do as he says. But I'm really annoyed. Especially since I was like, with Sora... And then I wasn't. I wanted to take her with me, but I didn't want to put her in danger. I ask him why he's taking me with him for glancing at his car. He says he wants to know more about the city. And to know more about the city he has to know more about the people in the city. (So he's kidnapping people...)

So he drives to the police station. And we go into this room. And they ask me if I know what my weight is, so I tell them "last time I checked I was around 50kg" (Which I think is too skinny.) (I am about 160 cm) and they all are in shock because it's the metric system. (*gasp*) and they measure my weight on the TINY scale that was like, impossible for me to stand on. And I'm 144lbs. I'm a little confused as to where the weight came from so fast. But other than that it doesn't phase me. And then this woman starts telling me what to wear and what not to wear. According to my weight. But I'm not paying attention. Because, why would I?

So I just look around the room, and there's this small fish tank with big fish in it. And paintings and mirrors on the walls. And a glass box full of weird things. I was investigating the glass box when I woke up.

And the other night I had this dream where this guy created a factory, and it was BAD, and I got hired there to see what was going on. But people kept disappearing, and it was creepy. Sort of like an episode of Doctor Who. XD

I love Doctor Who.



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Diddle-e-dee, diddl-e-dee, diddle-e-dee. Woooo.....

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"