weird silent pause on the phone

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I told my mom I was bi about a month and a half ago.
When she called me today she wanted to know a good time to call back and she asked when I was out of class.
I told her that the last thing I have to do is the Queer Student Union meeting.

There was this long pause on the phone....
...too long....

Then she changed the subject.
She took it really well when I told her, perhaps she didn't believe me.
I did tone it down because I didn't want to shock her.

Maybe she was hoping it was just a phase or something.

It's hard to really feel upset about it though. I just got this amazing care package from her, full of chocolates and all sorts of goodies that she would just randomly pick up because she misses me.

Yeah, I am really close to my mom.

But this is one of the first really big differences between us.
Even though she is really cool (she actually encouraged me to have a lot of gay friends when I went away to college) it feels like this transition has been a bit...unnerving for her.

She has been really great all in all, but she hasn't been around me hardly at all since I came out as bi. She still thinks of me in the way I acted before I came out. I mean, I am still me, just more of me is all....


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my mom has been similar to

my mom has been similar to yours. she seemed kind of okay with me having a girlfriend. But when I later got involved with queer student organizing, she was quite hostile. But she has been changing, as I have been working on her.
hope your mom will change too.

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