When you are gone & No Answers.

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yes finally i write sumthing.!!!

When you are gone

The sun is shining, the clouds are high, the birds are singing,
and my spirits are down. To me the day is wasted, i can not do, say, see wat i want. Tommorow is still there but my heart aches
for u here. I cant help it but to sigh when your eyes, smile, and laugh
is gone. I cant help it but to cry when i cant talk, laugh, or joke with
you. I cant help it but to cry, sigh, frown, and pout either too. I cant help
it but to love you more when you are gone.

- Kodak 13
tell me wat u think

No Answers

Why are you so cold, why do you say no, why when asked a question u adviod, why when i told you, i lost you.
I dont understand you, you dont understand me, when i try to get close, you shut down, when you try to get close i lie. when does the circle end.
When will this time end, and im not wanting you friendship. I want, i liked, i need for this to stop, change, end, for yhe ansers to be answered.

tell me wat u think.!! Plz!!