Why not?

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Why not make a list? It makes me happy reading others', so I hope mine helps someone else.
I'm happy that:
~I have an amazing, hilarious, crazy family
~I have amazing, hilarious, crazy friends
~I know where I want to go in life
~I think I'm making a difference in my best friend's life
~My best friend is moving to my house soon
~My three pugs are healthy
~My new room is going to/looks great
~I am happy with myself
~I have an amazing mother who is great to me and loves my friend
~The girl I like is nice to me
~I'm not depressed on Valentine's Day
~I have chocolate!!
There's more that I can't think of right now...


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go hilarious and crazy

hey, my family is the craziest most hilarious family i know.
and my friends.....well trust me, they're pretty crazy too.
not much point to this post. just thought i'd salute all the crazy, hilarious ppl in the world!