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YAAAAAYYY! I am super happy person now! Because I was all scared and stuff. Because everything was wishy-washy and doubty. But she said yes! She's my girlfriend still! =D YAAAY! I my happiness and relief cannot be expressed in words. But I'm going to try my best to keep from squealing on the top of my lungs... It's REALLY hard not to squeal on the top of my lungs.

Okay, explanation. Riku likes Sora, Riku likes Sora lots, Riku admited her feelings to Sora back in November. Sora says she likes Riku back. Riku and Sora have weird-tension build up between them. Because Sora nervous and Riku shy. Riku eventually starts having doubts. Riku sends Sora e-mail asking if Sora still likes Riku. And Sora replys saying Sora does still like Riku, which makes Riku a very, very happy person. =D

I'm going to go blast music really loud and dance to it, only because I can. Laters. <3



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Congrats!!! And sometimes it can do you good to squeal on top of your lungs (plus its fun). Have fun with the music!!!
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it's about learning how to dance in the rain"

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YAY good for you...i love

YAY good for you...i love happy people 'cause they make me happy lol... :D

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YEY! I'm so happy; here's to

YEY! I'm so happy; here's to less and less tension as time goes by.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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When ever you write in thrid

When ever you write in thrid person it sounds really cute in my head.
If you didn't catch that its because I like to imagine voices when I read.
Plus high five for less worrying!

"and what if they're right and it's darkest before the light."