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[Emo supremo, for the win! =)]

He tricked my eyes with jungles of light;
He cheated my mind with words.
His Sun was really dressed in moon,
His halves split into thirds.

His voice, it rained a melody’s hand;
It shone a robin’s verse.
But his whispers coursed with lies and ash,
His footsteps sang a curse.

I didn’t know that fiction thrived
In his smooth and gentle hands.
I couldn’t trust reality’s song—
That his eyes held other plans.

Deceit swam under his grinning vowels,
His alphabet drawn from lies
Was painted softly by his tongue,
Draped in chivalry and disguise.

I thought I loved him. I thought a lie.
Wrong. I loved a myth. Wrong.
Wrong. Love finds its passion in pairs. Wrong.
Wrong. Dust along his brain. Wrong.


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(guys suck)

wow. I'm *so* sorry about what that guy did to you, whatever he did. ...unless the *I* in the poem wasn't really *you*...
p.s. you have real writing talent. Thought I'd phone that in...

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...