you deserved better

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and if these words could self destruct
i'd send them deep into your heart
watch them explode like fireworks through your veins
watch the acid eat away at your sunken breath
this isnt the kind of death you expected.

so i'll let loose this curse of mine
let the fucking words seep from my lips
infect your flesh by fingertips
the colour runs from my nails painted black
as those words get stuck in the back of my throat
catch my face and watch me choke
tears sting my eyes, feel them drop to your skin
telling tales of pain yet to begin
watch my eyes grow dull
body fall limp
let go of me and know that i've saved your life
you'll never hear the words that caused my demise
you'll never know the regret in my eyes
i would've changed the world for you
but the roses that turned black over the winter
the chocolates turned bitter and stale
just lived to prove my point
you deserved better.

what do you guys think?