a hypothetical situation

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If tomorrow someone came out with a way to change your sexuality and make you straight, what would you do? This hypothetical method of changing your sexuality doesn't cause any physical or emotional pain, it just changes your sexuality. How would this affect the world and do you believe that it's possible to change one's sexuality?

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I would NOT change my

I would NOT change my sexuality if i had the chance. It makes me who I am; yes there is lots of pain and emotional things that come with being a lesbian but i wouldn't change it.

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Ah, this old issue again...

Ah, this old issue again...

The current methods of changing someone's sexuality don't work (re: "ex-gay therapy"). This has been scientifically proven and I'm confident such practices will blow over very soon once people realise this for themselves.

However, if there was a pill or something (as in Hard Pill if you've seen that film - I'm waiting for it to come through the post), then I'm not sure where I stand. I mean one of the defenses "we" have against homophobes is that it isn't a choice. If you could pop a pill to make it go away and you chose not to take it, it means you are effectively choosing to be gay.

If this ever happened though the argument would just be twisted around. Should black people take a pill if it would make them white? Obviously not.

It seems to be very fashionable nowadays to shout from the rooftops about how you love who you are, how you would never change your body or anything. I think it's all bullshit really, I would love to change things about my body which I am extremely unhappy with, and yes, I blame the media for plaguing my every line of sight with images of perfection. But as for my sexuality? I just don't know. I'm happy being gay, and everyone else is fine with it too that's in my life, except maybe my dad. But I think they would all be happier if I were straight. I guess that's just natural. But it isn't who I "am". It's not who I naturally am. So I think ultimately, as I'm happy with my sexuality, no, I wouldn't change it in order to make my dad and the legions of homophobic catholics/muslims happy. Why the fuck should I? Or anyone? I don't believe it's a sin, and if God does exist I don't think he hates gays.

It's difficult to think about it seriously as it's unlikely to ever happen, certainly not in my lifetime, but IF it did I would give thought to it. As I say though, I don't think I would.... I would hope there's nobody who would give a definite "yes" to this, that would be ashame.

P.S. I thought I would mention that this discussion has been posted SO many times on Oasismag, just do a search of 'hard pill' :P

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that's pretty comlicated for

that's pretty comlicated for anybody. i mean if they just had some pill or something to make you totally straight... i don't think i would take it. no matter how much my family hates the things that i do....it would just be messed up. i like liking girls, and if they had something for you to change that....i dunno. like Campfire says, i wouldn't take a pill to make me white, so why would i take one to make me straight?

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I think I'd go for

I think I'd go for eliminating defining sexuality altogether. Although I identify as lesbian, it'd be nice if everyone could fancy everyone. That'd basically get rid of gender, too. And hey, how about time while we're at it. Another human construct. And no, this has nothing at all to do with having crushes on John Barrowman and David Tennant.

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I'm not sure..

If you had asked me this question when I was first realizing that I am a lesbian then I think I probably would have been ordering that pill in the express post to take as quick as possible.But now,I feel like I have spent so long figuring myself out,coming to terms with it,feeling comfortable with it,and starting to tell people about it,that I am not sure I would want it.
Sure there are a lot of advantages to being straight,but ultimately taking a pill to change a part of my personality,a part of myself because some people think it is wrong,would be bad I think.I think I would probably decline the offer....but there still a part of me that is not 100% sure what I would do if such a pill was offered to me.

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well, i agree with pretty

well, i agree with pretty much everything Campfire said to start with lol. but my opinion now: i think its really too easy to simply say, 'of course not, i lvoe who i am, and would never cahnge it' but i believe we say that, because we know we CANT change it. however, like campfire said, it would definently change every arguments we EVER had about homophobics, because we were CHOOSING to be gay here.

personally, i think we wouldnt have gays in the world, casue so many people would pop that pill right as they were figuring it out, just cause they didnt wanna deal with it, but those of us who stuck it out, i think would probably stay gay, just becasue we put so much effort into figuring it out, and learning to lvoe ourselves.

if the pill came out tomarrow, no, i wouldnt, because i love hte perosn i am, and i love being gay, because it makes me different. however, i sure as HELL woulda popped it right away a year ago, when i was figuring it all out lol.

however, i would put some SERIOUS thought to taking it if it came out tomarrow, becasue yeah, being gay will put me through some hard tiems, and i would put some thought to whether it would jsut make life easier for me in the long run. however, there are enough things about being gay that i like, that i dont think i would overall. im not exactly the ideal looking person, and am not really physically attractive at all, and during my times when i thought i was straight, the idea of how no guy would ever like me always kinda scared me, so i liked knowing i was gay, because it ment i never had to deal with guys. so overall, i think id stick with bein the lesbian i am...

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.

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I'm with Tiki

Nothing more to say.

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Lol, screw that; than I'd

Lol, screw that; than I'd have to get married and be shit on for the rest of my life. If I were straight I'd be poppin the gay pills like it was my job.

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Even if I took it, it

Even if I took it, it wouldn't make me straight. Nothing could ever, ever make me stop loving girls. Seriously. I am me and nothing will change that. Ever.

>Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Heh, kind of missing the

Heh, kind of missing the point of a hypothetical situation? :P

"If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon."
- George Aiken

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I would never change

I would never change anything.
Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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I'd much prefer it if there

I'd much prefer it if there was a pill to cure bias and social stigma and homophobia.

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A classic interesting question that would never be answered. It would seem that I would loose a huge portion of my personality from taking that, being gay is part of that. And I'm happy with it. But my god my love life would be less depressing. So probably yes in the end

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Why would I change who I am I know it would be easier but I'm a difficult person. Now if they had this thing like a year ago I would have taken it.

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Me, as a straight chick? Oh

Me, as a straight chick?
Oh god :|
That'd be the worst, my personality totally wouldn't work if I was straight.
Hehe ^_^

I probably wouldn't take it, now that I think of it.
Sure, maybe a year, or even 6 months ago I would've gladly popped that pill, nowadays I'm quite content with life.
Besides, even if this Pill did change the way my conscious mind thought about attraction etc, my subconscious would probably be back there going nuts, ranting on and performing strange creepy rituals about girls :P

Much love and gayness ^_^

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if i had the option...

i would totally take it.... and before everyone gets mad at me here's why...

i am a very sexual person (most people would never know this.... i dress very conservatively and don't really bring up sex or girls that much).... if i was straight, i think this would be so much easier..... i could check people out without feeling like i was freaking them out, i could give a guy my number without hesitating over whether they were gay or not.... in short, life would just be so much easier.....

i couldn't imagine not liking girls (it would be a major shift) but i would love to be able to express myself easier.... plus, i'd have a much bigger selection to pick from... let's remember that 90% of the world is straight unfortunately...

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I totally agree

That would be the reason if I was to take it.

It would make it a hell of a lot easier to find a partner! I get asked out by guys a lot (I don't like saying that, it sounds like I'm showing off, I'm not.) But I never say yes, for obvious reasons. So I'm sorta always single.

I really don't want to freak out straight girls by flirting with them or checking them out, but then that makes it really hard to flirt with anyone!

Although personally, thats not a good enough reason for me to say I'd take it 100%. I'm really happy the way I am. Plus I just think theres more to like about girls than guys... But I suppose if I took it I wouldn't think that anymore, so that wouldn't be a problem.

So, in conclusion, hard question, I don't know. Lucky I won't be given that option then!

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Hell no!

Hell no!

Why would I want to be straight when being gay is this much fun? (For me it is anyways. I totally understand if you don't think so.)

Sure, it has it's downsides, being straight has it's downsides too. And being gay gives me an excuse to wear rainbows! I can not resist the rainbows. X3

All joking aside, I'd never do something like that. I've been gay since as long as I can remember. (I only realized it recently.) And I can't imagine being any other way... And besides, I seriously do love who I am. It wasn't always that way, but I'm glad I got here, and I don't want to be anything but me.

Besides, if something like that were to get near me it'd probably be repelled from me at very high speeds. I'm too gay for something that straight. XD

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blue pill or red one???

yeah, I'd take the pill...

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I'd do it. There's obviously

I'd do it. There's obviously nothing wrong with being lesbian, but sometimes I really wish I could get married and have kids... I wouldn't have to be so alone all the time. Even if I do eventually find someone whom I love, who loves me, people won't see us the way they see married couples. We'll never be able to be more than "girlfriends" or "partners," and even if that is as serious and as permanent as marriage in both our minds, it will probably never be taken as seriously by the public. But if I were straight, people would take us seriously because, after all, it's not like heterosexuality has ever been condemned by the Bible or considered a mental illness. It is, in fact, approved by religion and society through marriage and pop culture.

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Don't think like that. If

Don't think like that. If you want to get married and have kids, go for it! Even if you have to fight for it, and even if you fail, it's better than sitting around and accepting that you can't as your fate. I think it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't.

I've already decided that, when I'm older, I'm going to get married to a woman I love and raise children. Nothing is going to stop me.

And if people don't take you seriously, that's their problem, not yours.

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what about a temporaty pill?

What if it only lasted for 12 hours or so?
Like a trial period. Might be interesting.

I wonder what it would taste like.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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As i said earlier i would

As i said earlier i would not change my sexuality or i don't think i would. I really dont know. Whenever someone puts up the fight that homosexuals choose to be homosexuals i always say that we wouldn't choose to have this pain or this drama or the hate... therefore we wouldnt' choose to be gay but i think being a lesbian is a big part of who i am and if i wasn't i'd be different. All the hard times have made me strong.

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Personally, I would not take

Personally, I would not take the pill. I think that a lot of us who wouldn't take it simply feel its who we are. However, if we were straight to begin with, we would feel that way if being straight were as taboo as it is today. I don't think that made a lot of sense, but whatever.

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I would of went for this for

I would of went for this for a second before but now that I told my friends (not parents yet...if I do tell parents) but since I already told my friends...nah don't think I would.