A Small Step Forward

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I'm excited. Sal Sapienza, author of Seventy Times Seven, has offered to read Orphan's Quest and give me a blurb. Yay!!! I know it's just a small advance, but hey, every little move forward is important. With Scion's Blood so close to being finished, and the move to Chicago close at hand, this is just another little burst of happiness. I'm going to take advantage of this joyful enthusiasm and try to get a good hunk of chapter thirty done today.

Yee Haw!!!


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lol *huggles* yay!! That's

lol *huggles* yay!! That's pretty darn cool! *patts on the back*

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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Chicago??? what happened to seattle?

congrasts on getting it read by a guy like that, but seriously, what happened to moving to the NW? chicago is far from that.

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Well Seattle kind of fell

Well Seattle kind of fell through. I decided that Chicago was a more realistic plan. I have good friends there, it's close to my best buds in Ann Arbor, it's only a forty dollar plave ride to visit my folks, plus there is at least one other very compelling reason to go to Chicago that I won't jinx by mentioning out loud.

I still would like to visit the northwest, but the plans to move there just ground to a halt and refused to budge, so I shifted my focus to something that I could attain in reasonably short order.

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Good luck!