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Coming out is remaining a beneficial experience. My two friends [and mom] act as they did before they knew. It's all normal, and I have a liberated feeling in knowing I'm not hiding anything.

And it's reassuring that my crush [which is one of the best friends] has remained equally affectionate. [Wishful thinking makes me think it's a little more than equal.] Ten minutes after her and S [other best friend] left after my coming-out she sent me a text that said "I love you" which was rather heartwarming. They hugged me after I told them, but even after that she hugged me, said "I'm cold" and held on for a bit longer. It was cute and I was thrilled.

The next day [or, yesterday] we hugged plenty, per usual, and she was touchy-feely with me [grabbing my face and squeezing my cheeks, touching eachother's hands for whatever reason, touching my hair, etc.]
She also called me yesterday, initially to ask me to lunch with her and best friend that doesn't know about me yet, but it wasn't stated in the message she had left me, and didn't come up in the conversation until fifteen minutes in when I called her back. So it seemed that she called just to chat, which we did for two hours.

Today: generally the same amount of attention, and two phonecalls from her [and a couple texts] One with a purpose that was brief, and another just to talk. I was of course delighted that she was calling again and we talked for about an hour and after her phone told her it was about to die, she said "I have to plug it in so we can have a conversation tomorrow as well. Sound good?" "That sounds great." After we said our goodbyes and I took the phone from my ear I hear her say "I love you!" and I respond "I love you too," and hang up. I then proceeded to smile.

It's great having that wall down, because now she knows I like girls, and.... I don't know how to describe it. I just take comfort in knowing that she knows and having her be so friendly.

This was long.


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Aww thats so awesome that things are so great!!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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It's such a good feeling

It's such a good feeling isn't it?
It's like for the first time properly you can enjoy the friendship completely because you don't have the back of the mind thoughts that maybe things would be different if they knew. Not even that they'd all run away screaming, just that the rules would change and they'd look at you differently. Because they do know and it hasn't changed things.

Well done and I'm pleased things worked out so well for you.