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SO HAPPY!!!!!! I am now an official published poet!!! I submitted to Ashe Journal (which I actually heard about from Jeff, so thank you SO much, man) and just got back an email a few minutes ago saying they'd like to use my work in their magazine. Huzzah! After I read it, I jumped around my house yelling, "Hot diggidy damn!" over and over. Good thing no one was home! Yowza, I'm so ecstatic! Thus, the obscene amount of exclamation points I'm using...=].

I had no idea I'd be published so soon. I've only sent in a few submissions to these different magazines...I thought that the road to publication was a long and frustrating process. I'm sure it'll get frustrating, though, as I continue to submit. I have been rejected by all the other magazines I submitted to, so I guess it wasn't THAT lickity-split, but I was expecting to wait like, at least a year. This kind of sucks in a way, considering my new year's resolution was to get published and I've accomplished it in just a little over two months, heh heh. Well, 'tis time for me to split, kiddos. Bye-o! (<----- = ?)


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That's so cool. Congratulations! :-)

Not dreaming big enough, I guess.


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Congrats, man! Getting my writings published is, like, my biggest dream! :) I'm glad it came true for you!

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Great job, kiddo. I'm very

Great job, kiddo. I'm very proud of you.

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congratulations man!!

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