An angry rant about nothing

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Gah!!I'm in a bad mood.So i've come along here for a rant!I have so much work to do for college.I've been trying to do an assignment all day but the questions make zero sense.The lecturer is an angry pretencious man who offers no help,only sarcasm.So yeah,I'm frustrated and confused!My "friend" has the question i'm stuck on done,but is not forth coming with any help,because god forbid I get a better grade than her!I just can't seem to concentrate either.

I also had a really odd dream last night.I was on a train in France with two girls I've never seen before but seem to know,and we were talking about being gay.Was really strange but really vivid and left me feeling really unsettled for some reason.I'm not really sure why.

Ok now the battery on my laptop is dieing so I guess this is the end of this angry little rant.Laterz,grr!!


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=[ sorry to hear about your

=[ sorry to hear about your bad day. yeah screw homework. i'm only in highschool, but still. hope things look up for you.

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Nice rant

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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aaaand your laptop!! :0( sucks when you're already having a bad day and then to top it off something super annoying happens like your laptop breaking. But who knows? Maybe tomorrow you'll find it funny. Anywayz, good luck with everything!