an hour of crying can do a lot to your throat

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She lied to me. She sent me a pic and my mom looked it up and it turns out that the guy who is at the bottom is a pro and the pic was taken in boston. She lives in North Carolina. I was crying for so long, I can't believe it alrought it does get worse......I took her back. And it don't help me none cuz today was my great grandma's funeral and i spent three hours in a cramped car and then i come home and figure out that my gf lied to me!? How the hell is a 12 yr old supposed to handle this shit!? I mean i would never lie to her about this kinda stuff, I love her way too much. Not that she don't love me back but yeah.......Anyway I'm still lecturing her so I got to go, bye bye ppl!!!


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Liars suck. Do you only know

Liars suck. Do you only know her online and not in real life?

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Pretty much yeah but that

Pretty much yeah but that will change when she comes up in the summer. I think....

Shiznits! I forgot what to put....

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I would never trust online

I would never trust online relationships. It's too easy to lie and be decieved. Naiveity is something you have to learn to conquer when heading into an online relationship [or one where you don't see them in person.]
Just always keep in mind that she was the ability to lie and get away with it. And if she does, she's probably not worth your time. Hope everything works out.