And I think my heart is breaking

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I am tired of girls who break my heart. I am tired of boys who break my heart. I can handle rejection. I can even handle being dumped. Bt hurt me when I've given you so many second chances and almost 2 years of my life? Then, I am crushed. I am so sick of this twisted world where girls who like girls are my friend and then they go out with my girl friend. Because not only has she tried to fuck over relationships, she'd do it again. And you not saying anything makes you look guilty. And maybe I am still upset over Pvt. Smith. But I shouldn't have to be hurting right now. I barely even talk to other people. You isolate me and then you go out on a date with some other girl. Whatever. Why do I stay?


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Sounds rough,may I offer you

Sounds rough,may I offer you a hug *hugs*

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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sounds like they're not

sounds like they're not worth your time. you need somebody who will like YOU and won't date others and fuck over relationships. someone who is honestly and truely devoted to YOU.

i offer hugs as well