Angelina Jolie Lesbian Film?

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I heard that Angelina Jolie is a lesbian main character in a film and i was just woundering which film it is?
If anyone has seen it is it worth buying?

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Emma xxxxxx

Emma xxxxxx

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I watched it on TV once. All

I watched it on TV once. All I remeber is that she was a model and had a coke habbit. I think its called Gia.
It was ok, but I was thirteen when I saw it.

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Gia it is

A quick search of the IMDB did indeed mention the film Gia, and that is almost certainly the film you're looking for. For more info on the film, see this page where you could follow links to find more info on the woman she portrays in the film.

If you want to buy it, check out these Froogle results.

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