Anime club awesomeness.

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So I went to the Anime Club today. It was awesome, A friend of mine, (I'll call her Ritsuka, because that's who she was dressed as.)

I knew her in elementary school, so that's pretty cool.

She's a very cuddly person. She's always hugging people and stuff. And she's hyper and random, like me. So we get along well. (But she's more vocal than I am. X3)

And there was someone who cosplayed as Xigbar from KH. Which was awesome because she got the attitude down perfect. XD

So, that was pretty cool... I'm a little disappointed that we didn't go to the bookstore, because I wanted to read the new Death Note volume. :(

Hehe, we rented movies today, and Sora called me in the middle of Phantom of the Opera. And I made them pause. Which annoyed my Aunt and Dad, and I'm sure that they're plotting revenge. XD

On the other hand, it amazes me that anyone, in any time frame, can figure out how to sing well, and loud, in a corset... That's worse than dancing in heels. Wow.

I don't think I can wait for the weekend to see Sora... Durrrr...

And Riku's confused, Riku is growing out of her clothes, but she isn't putting on weight. Not exactly sure what's going on there...

Riku also has a very short attention span, she was talking about how bad some movie was in the car, and the cars headlights reflected off of something and made a rainbow light, so Riku completely stops what she's saying mid-sentence and says "Ohh! A rainbow!" and forgets what she was talking about.. XD



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oOo i love Phantom of the

oOo i love Phantom of the Opera...the girl is sooo pretty :). That's sooo cool my school has a Anime Club too, but i never really seem them do anything...i'm not that much into anime but i think its friend on the other hand is and since i watched some that she did, she's trying to get me to watch for the past 2 days she wants me to wathc Full Metal Panic (is that it?) lol.

but kudos for you...awww time will past by fast and you'll be able to see her...and randomness is cool...i have a short attention span too that gets me hit 'cause i do it when people are talking to me lol XD

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Well, the anime club was at

Well, the anime club was at my library actually, so it's pretty awesome, we get free food and video games and stuff.

Yeah, people will be talking about one thing, which will remind me of another thing, which will remind me of another thing which seems totally unrelated to the first thing, and I'll start talking about that, and I'll probably end up interrupting someone because when I was little I never got a chance to speak because I always waited. XD

I like anime, but I'm more of a fan of manga, (The comics that anime is normally based on.) But the club is still really awesome. =D

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Ah, you see, though, for

Ah, you see, though, for movie musicals, they record in a recording studio and then lip-sinc onscreen. That is why it's sooo much more impressive on Broadway. Of course, in that case, the corsets aren't as tight.

And, personally, my favorite in Phantom is Meg. The blonde girl with the big boobs? Yeah. Don't get me started of PotO boob jokes. xD But Meg is so in love with Christine. =3

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Yeah I know. But when I said

Yeah I know. But when I said that I meant way back when they actually had operas like that... Amazing. And Broadway too. *nod*

Meg is my favorite character too. =3