Attack of the Cash Register & Goodbyes...

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hehe. yup i was the cash register and i hope that this is the only time i ever get attacked by a cash register lol. here's what happened;

these two girls walked in...yummie lol. i was watchin them (well DUUH haha) and then my uncle, his wife, and my cousin came in and was walking around and talking to me. then the girls had their stuff ready and came to the counter...everything was going smoothly until i dropped the dime the girl gave me & you know how you can press a button and the cash register shoots out and you can put the money in and give change...

well...i pushed that button not thinking anything decided to bend down and get the dime at the same time...bad idea...because while leaning down, my forehead and the edge of the register collided together and BANG....there was a big noise and pain. in my head i was like "OW" and "shit the girls saw that" and i immediately shot back up grabbed their change and gave it to them.

OMG you should've seen their faces...shocked not laughing or anything but shocked and i think that it was the same for my face because my uncle was looking at me. once they left my uncle was like "what was that noise?" and i told him and he asked if i was ok and stuff and said that he never seen anyone get up that fast and look soo shocked. hurt like hell and it still does. i literally felt the bump swelling and now i have a pretty good sized bump on my head with a lil cut that was bleeding a lil when i put ice on it. but that was embarrassing should've seen their faces.

today was a pretty sad day today like yesterday. my boss came in yesterday and gave me and my other coworker bad news...the store is closing down. :( i got so used to this job and now next week is my last week and i have to find a job after that...

so when i relieved my coworker today, i asked if my boss told him and she didn't so i told him and he was surprised...but it sucks 'cause today was his last day 'cause he only works saturdays and next week saturday i work 'cause he was gonna going on a trip to Japan. :( it was sad.

he's really cute that's why and he's super nice. he looked sad to leave...we talked for awhile about having to get new jobs and all that, then he decided to leave early and he was like "well it was really nice meeting you and working with you" AW...i felt sad so i gave him a hug. i'm gonna miss him and his cuteness haha.

this really sucks 'cause i got to know and bond with my coworkers and now i'm not gonna see them anymore after this...well imma try and keep iin touch with them but it's not the same 'cause i got used to seeing them at work and just having fun at work :(...this week is gonna suck...i'll even miss my stoner-cute looking coworker too lol.

:(...i'm sad.


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Aww that's a shame about

Aww that's a shame about your job. Seems really short notice to let you know the shop's closing down. Good luck finding another job and I hope your head feel better!

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yeah it is. thanks. i've had

yeah it is. thanks. i've had a big headache since then..i'm hoping it passes.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Cash registers are the few

Cash registers are the few things I have YET to have been attacked by. You can ;like name anything else and I'll probably have a story. Of course a lot of them also happen because of a silly mistake that was caused by the distraction of cute girls.
Sucks about your job. Who knows though--maybe your next job will be really bitchin' or you'll meet some cute girls without the possible harm of a cash register ;)


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