Aunts ^^

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I'm happy. Just talked to my aunts (yes, the lesbian kind) about gayness. And about crushing on your best friend. I'm not the only one. Go me. Yay! They're so awesome... :D plus, midnight-ish phone conversations are always fun. Got feedback from a friend for a story about a girl coming out as straight. Always wanted to write one of those... yayness. And..... ZOMFG MERCHANT OF VENICE AT THE DUKE IT WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING AND AAAAAH ANTONIO/BASSANIOKISSINGONSTAGEGAYLOVEYAY!!!! *breathes* Okay. Yes. But it was really, really awesome. They kissed onstage. Wonderful. Amazing acting. They were sobbing in each others' arms. I loved it ^^

Heh. I always knew they were gay.


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lol wow sounds like you had

lol wow sounds like you had a good night. I love your icon by the way.