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As the title says, I'm going to shoot some rather awkward questions out there, because i really don't know where else i could get answers for them. I'm almost sixteen, just a month shy and am in my first relationship. I met her through a joint activity between our two GSA's, and when we exchanged scraps of paper with scribbled email adresses, i honestly thought it was to help pool resources. Our first date was at a coffeeshop, that i barely managed to get to because of a ride that fell through. We hit it off though. When we made out the first time, i was literally shaking, it was so nervous. i really didn't feel anything, and wasn't sure i liked her as more than a friend. we've had some good times since them-and i like sitting with her, holding hands and doing some kissing. but the whole making out part really still kind of freaks me out. Is it normal to think that tongue stuff is gross when your're pretty sure you like the person?-after i really just want to wipe my lips on something Do i really like her as more of a friend ? What should i do?


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Well my initial thought of

Well my initial thought of making was out was "Jesus Christ, this is wet." Yeah, it's a messy interaction, haha. But I really liked the person and sharing spit with them wasn't a gnarly thing because of it... you know? Using a lot of tongue wasn't frequent with me, and maybe it is with you and it's just not something that appeals to you.

Honestly, though, I have no answers. Just try to think about how much you like the girl while making out, and not how "gross" it is.

=] It's meant to be fun!

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I personally haven't

I personally haven't experienced such a relationship yet, but in my opinion...

Maybe you're just nervous because it is your first time with such interaction. Making-out does seem very personal and makes you very prone to another. No escape when you're that close. Maybe you're not ready for that step yet.

Well, you ponder those thoughts. That's all I got. Sorry.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Um, I kinda know what you

Um, I kinda know what you mean. My first kiss kinda was funny. But since it was my first, it was AWESOME to me. lol Well, what happened was I was in the theatre with my first bf. I will call him "R". Well, it was our second date. We were double dating and we were going to the movie "The Pacifier" (You know, with Vin Diesel...) NEway. I was kinda pissed off at R because he seemed to be paying more attention to our mutual friend than me. But yea. As soon as the lights went out in the movie theatre, his arm was around my shoulder. NEway, later on in the movie, we look over and see out two friends (boi/girl) making out. We kinda scoff and are all "get a room" but we were joking. I lean back in my seat and the next thing I know, R leans in and kisses me. French kiss. OMG!! I was loving it, but at the same time, I felt kinda grossed out. His tounge was like fucking whiping my mouth. It reminds me of an octopus tentacle, now that I think of it... hehe hehe. I was like *needs air!* I dunnno. I was kinda *God* but at the same time, it was ok. ... I also have to mention that although he never got better, I loved it all the same. Right after, the guy from the friends we were with was liek all "Duncan, that is the most I've seen you smile in months..." So it couldn't have been that bad, eh? lol
Moral: Sometimes things doen't work out when it comes to kissing/sex. It's ok to be grossed out. It doesn't mean anything's wrong with you.Sometimes, some people just need to learn how to kiss. It doesn't mean that you don't like the person.
*huggs* Good luck!

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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thats really cute.
i know exactly how you feel though,
i had a boyfriend once, and all his friends always were telling me
hes a really bad kisser. haha.
he kissed exactly like you described "R"'s kiss. i liked it anyways though.
haha. we didnt last very long. i realized he wasnt my type.
and besides, he was one of them types of guys who needs a new girlfriend every week.
so i dumped him before he dumped me.

i noticed how you put
"Duncan, that is the most ive seen you smile in months.."
im wondering if his name is duncan,
and you just forgot to put R.

ha. :)

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it's debatable

my first real kiss and make-out session was definitely not too great to me, especially because it was with my boyfriend at the time (keep in mind right after him i started to date a girl). he was a pretty bad kisser, not saying that i was oh so experienced either, but he had no concept of swallowing the spit in his mouth before we started kissing, so it was pretty gross. kissing a girl was definitely pretty weird as well, but eventually i got over the nervous-ness of it all. and the spit-swapping stopped bothering once i found that it wasn't so bad as the ex b/f. so, idk, you may get over it, you could try and just wait it out and see.

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Hey--congrats on the date.

Hey--congrats on the date. Excitement! About the kissing... my one and only french kiss was with a guy I was not at all attracted to, so if you're really bored and wondering when it's over, I would say you like her as more than a friend. You also could just not like french kissing, or the way that she does it, or... who knows? Kissing is, I've heard, different (and a good litmus test) for anyone. As for whether you like her as more than a friend or not, only you can really tell that. It sounds like you're a bit hesitant. I would try to be honest with yourself: is it because you want to be dating someone or you want to be dating her? Or are you mixing up the freshness of a new friendship with attraction? Or is it just that you really do like her and you're nervous about the whole thing?

Good luck! Message me if you want to talk.

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