back to family

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I am a one person pride parade at college, but I am going back for spring break.
My sisters know and my mom knows.
My dad does not.
I really don't think he would have a problem with it, but after I told my mom, she told me not to tell him.
I CAN get by without telling him. I have my own life, for the first time, now. They don't have to know, but I a VERY outgoing person. I don't keep secrets so much as if there is a secret it involuntarily falls out my mouth. I could tape my mouth shut and my face would still say a thousand words. (When my sisters and I buy the new Harry Potter books, I ALWAYS have to read it last because even if I am sworn to silence, they can tell what is going on by my face when I read).

SO yeah....I have no idea how he is going to find out, but knowing my nature, I know it is bound to fall out.

Happy Spring Break everyone!
this is going to be interesting