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Journal post #1 of a 17 year old girl who is labeled bisexual, and is-- for the majority-- closeted.

I joined this site about four days ago, and I felt comforted to read various discussions of people whom share something in common with me. It was a relief just to feel that "I'm not alone" wave of ease.

I would say my "first crush" was probably a year or more ago. I had interests (on some level or another) on others before, but this was the first one that I had actually said to myself "I have a crush on this girl" and wasn't totally up in the air in trying to figure it out. We were close, but she was straight. I moved on to another crush a few months later and told her about my questioning. She was supportive, but I never brought up since... I think out of fear.
The same day I told her, I told my mom, who is my absolute best friend. She was ultimately supportive, and cuddled me when I cried; she said she was going to love regardless of what I did. Plus, she is anti-homophobic and ever open-minded.

I had a boyfriend and I liked him very much. (Boys are still in my field of interest.) And for a while that quieted my interests in girls, but every now and then it was awakened. Being single now has really shook it up, and I think I've zeroed in more on my interests for girls than guys, though I still check out both.

And now I have a new girl-crush and she is an absolute sweetheart... and straight. I'm sure more entries are to come where she will be mentioned.

None of my friends now that I am bisexual, and I haven't confirmed it among the two initial people I told.

Basic background, for you.
End Journal #1.


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Welcome to Oasis! It's nice

Welcome to Oasis! It's nice to meet'cha~

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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and you!

and you!

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Welcome, I hope you enjoy

Welcome, I hope you enjoy posting here.

Straight girls crushes are the worst. Then again sometimes the girls aren't as straight as you'd thought. People no doubt think you're a straight girl. Hell, people even think I'm a straight girl (but I'm not really the type of girl people get crushes on- so it's not so important).

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totally. i really wish that

totally. i really wish that my straight crush would turn out to be not-so-straight. at least questioning, or something, hah.
("not really the type of girl people get crushes on.." sad =[ but me neither, really.

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Hey, welcomes. It's col that

Hey, welcomes. It's col that you have such a caring and understanding mother :) , and you are definitly not alone!

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yeah it is cool my mom is so

yeah it is cool my mom is so chill.
and thanks... it's always good to hear.