baking a cake

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I would like to say that one of my favorite things is to wake up at a semi-early time and look out my window and see a grey film of fog. No screaming warm sunshine, just a cool blanket of fog.

I love overcast weather [ie fog (this has been established), marine layers, rain, lots of clouds]. It reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie so I call it Death Cab weather. If you listen to the band, you can probably agree. Fits the mood, or something. Nothing better than listening to Transatlanticism when it's raining.

Current events: Last night one of my best friends who we'll call "Y" came over last night along with the other best friend who we'll call "S" to bake some cake and deliver a large piece to our other best friend [who is also my crush, so you're probably famililar since she appears in every journal entry] who we'll finally give a name... "C" [for crush! omg!] And my God was that a run-on sentence.

C has been rather ill with a high fever and achey body, which she got all the three hours after getting home from her asb camp thing with the school. So we all missed her dearly at school the next day and decided that when we make the cake we should take some to her. [I know this story is terribly exciting]. So we took it her with a card with stickfigures of all of us on it holding hands. S and I also had frosting mustaches and decided not to wipe them off until she saw. I think we freaked her dad out when she answered the door.

In summary, she was thrilled, we were thrilled, it was a job well done.

My entries are always long, to some degree.


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That sounds fun. What cake

That sounds fun. What cake did you make?

I like mist and fog. I like walking over the bridge in the fog, in the early morning when no-one else is really around and looking over the side and not being able to see the water. It's like walking through the sky.

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i wish i had a river or any

i wish i had a river or any kind of water source besides the ocean that was close. well, the ocean is still too far to walk to anyway. although going on the pier when it's misty/foggy is pretty neat.

it was yellow cake. and we decided to stick chocolate chips on it which sank to the bottom and made the entire thing all the more delicious. and vanilla frosting on top =]

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Well it sounds very nice-

Well it sounds very nice- and fun making it. I love making cake, I got an amazing cake stand for my birthday in the shape of a flower; I'd be a great 1950s housewife (except, you know, for gay thing).

My town is by the Thames and a few smaller rivers. Very watery. I wish we had an ocean near by though, even if it was too far to walk to.

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yeah i like baking too. i

yeah i like baking too. i don't do it enough but when i do i enjoy it. it's even better when you make it with friends.

hey you could still be a housewife, just minus the husband... and maybe not being married unless you went to Canada or San Francisco.

i live in southern california and i actually really like having the ocean close. if i could live anywhere else, though, it'd probably have to be seattle. i think there are nearby rivers there. in fact i remember crossing one on the way there...

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Yay for cake mmm..

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