Books for Girlies :o)

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I would like to recommend 2 awesome non-fiction books I have read that pertain to girl-lovin' girls.

Same Sex in the City: So Your Prince Charming Is Really A Cinderella
By Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer

The Laurens met eachother in NYC and bonded on the common factors of being gay, femme, and Jewish. When they were 24 they wrote this book about being a hip, cool, confident, sexy lesbian chick. They're like the gay Carrie Bradshaw. The book is mostly comprised of intricate stories by both the authors and a variety of other ladies. Topics include: figuring out you're into girls, coming out, your first time with a girl, dating, falling in love, relationships, breakups, etc. It delves deep into the intense emotional experience of growing up and living as a queer girl and being involved with other girls. It's really good to read some of your own feelings, fears, and desires reflected on the pages. The authors offer clear and simple tips and support the reader with an uplifting and postitive tone throughout the book. Also Lauren B is really hot (see For more info see

The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks
By Jen Sincero
This book is a rich exploration of the female body and girl-on-girl sex. It is very detailed, funny, and informative. It includes quotes from the author and various women about their own personal experiences dating and sleeping with women. Jen wrote this book for girls who may have little to no experience with chicks, who identify themselves as gay, bi, "straight" (hence the name), other, or no label. The wide variety of topics covered includes: how to find and meet girls, safe sex, foreplay, fingering, how to eat pussy, toys, threesomes, and more. There are cute cartoony drawings and pictures of naked Barbies doing naughty things in different positions. The section on touching yourself is great (see "The Super-Huge Importance of Sticking Your Hand Down Your Pants"). Jen is a former rockstar femme lady in Los Angeles where she writes a magazine sex advice column called "Living in Sin". She's like the west-coast Carrie Bradshaw, but more laid back and hilarious. She also hosts a radio show called Doctor Happypants :o) For more info on Jen and to read the column/ listen to the show, check out her website at

-These books are each completely different, the first one focuses more on the emotional side of lesbian life whereas the second one focuses more on the physical side. I also compared both the authors to Carrie Bradshaw, but come on, who doesn't love Carrie Bradshaw...

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I want to look for those

I want to look for those books, but can you imagine my mother: "The straight girl's guide to sleeping with chicks,"

"But, dear, I thought you were a lesbian. Shouldn't you be reading a lesbian's guide to sleeping with chicks?"

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Thos books sound great. But

Thos books sound great. But the chapters down here is full of homophobes and so they see you buying a gay book and hassel you and crap. But im going up to T.O to see my sis try out for Canadian Idol so i might check out the chapters/book stores up there.