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I went to the doctors for a check up. Apparently I'm in perfect health. (Which I think surprised the doctor because I'm vegan. Which is funny because that's why I'm so healthy. I think it surprised her when i told her that I don't watch TV either. :O)

Oh, and the doctor asked me a bunch of stupid questions that aren't any of her business and have nothing to do with my health. It was dumb.

The entire thing was pointless. All they said was stuff that I already know. They told me that I'm average sized, healthy, and all of that. I knew that going in there. Pointless..

Oh, and they tried to get me to get vaccines. When A) I'm afraid of needles and B) I don't want anyone injecting anything into me unless I know EXACTLY what's in it. And I had this awful feeling that I'd get really sick if I did get the vaccine. But no shots for me today. (Thank goodness.)

Anyways, Sora's brother came here and borrowed some of my vide ogames, Sora came along (of course) despite the snow. It was good seeing her even if only for a few minutes, she's so cute! I don't really like her brother, he's kind of lame/pathetic/annoying. But I'm not using the games and besides, it got Sora over here didn't it? XD

Sora was kind of bummed, because she was going to go to a Hockey game today, but it snowed (a lot) so she couldn't go. It's kind of funny, it was so warm for the last few days, and then it's SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

Oh, and, I was watching Mai Hime. And it's awesome. *nod*


P.S. My cat was doing her normal destroy-furniture thing, and her claw got stuck, and while I was un-sticking it I got scratched. That's where the title came from. lol.


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I've been trying to watch

I've been trying to watch Mai Hime over youtube but they keep removing it from the site :( I've seen up to ep 18ish i think, maybe 15, cool series though :) Then there's Mai Otome, I haven't looked into that one yet, if you do you'll have to tell me how it is!

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What vaccines did they want

What vaccines did they want you to get?
And you really should get vaccinated you know, you're so much safer with them and by having vaccinations against infectious disease you're adding to the herd immunity and so helping prevent epidemics of illness within a population. I'm scared of needles too, but I'd be more frightened of hepatitis and tetanus.

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i'm scared of cats

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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i hate the crap out of it

i hate the crap out of it when my cat scratches the couch. me and mom always flip a bitch and then i chase him around the house with a throw pillow.

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AUGH we had that same

AUGH we had that same weather! It was so nice and then it started freakin' sleeting! My mom and I were in a car for a 15 minute ride and it took a goddamn hour. And then at 9:30 I was shoveling the world's wettest snow so we could get the car in the driveway.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.