...chikka chikka boom boom XD

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hey all...it's thursday...know what today is? the day before friday lol. ahhhh i work tomorrow and the next day, but at least on saturday i don't work the night shift and that i get to go to songfest :D

don't know what songfest is? songfest...well...at my school is where all 4 classes; the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman compete against each other by...SINGING :)

i wanted to join this year but...its too humbug and i have soooo many other things to do, so imma join next year. i have no clue what my class is singing...we'll probably lose again like last year :(

i kinda hate my class...we have like, NO SPIRIT at all. stupid stupid stupid...hopefully next year...OUR SENIOR YEAR...we have more spirit and they're more organized.

...hehe so random but...i can multi task lol. i'm on the phone with my friend/soon-to-be ex coworker...she's at work now and my boss is making her frustrated. 'cause before the beginning of the year our boss gave us these schedule sheets that we had to fill out to tell her when we can or can not work and my friend put down that she can't work friday and saturday but she can work during the week...but does my boss pay attention? NOPE...she keeps on putting my friend on for fridays and saturdays and we're always switching my thurs for her fridays 'cause she can't work and my boss got irritated and was talking to her about it today.

*sigh* so she's going to quit soon. her and my other friend who just quit and her last day is saturday keeps on telling me now too that i should quit. it's like i want to but i have no other job to fall back on and it's money (which i need to keep on paying for my phone bill)...that too is another thing my friend keeps on bugging me about.

me & my ex share a phone plan...yeah i know...and so far...i've been paying every single bill except for this past months one which i only paid $100 and it was $146-something. yeah i know that it isn't fair that i'm the only one paying and stuff, but i just find it easier this way...yeah its mostly bringing me broke now and i barely have money since i'm not getting paid as good (another reason why i need another job)...as i said earlier, it makes it easier so that i just give her the money and leave...we're both too busy to try and figure out how much we need to split it and whatever. i think its more the reason that...i can barely talk to the damn girl.

the only tiime i see her is when she picks up the money...and to me that is enough...once a month is good enough for me. she broke me thats why. idk why i refer it to as "broke" me but she did...i really loved her and i still do...shit i know too that i have to move on but its too god damn hard for me to. i did start to at some point about like a month after we broke up but...that one time (think i mentioned in old post) she came to pick up the money and she sticked around to talk and after that i couldn't get her out of my mind and got more depressed.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh....i'm too tired, too stressed, overworked, hated too much, liked too much, too nice, too stupid...tooo much of everything right now.

haha...haha haha...crazy already...idk what the hell i'm talking about...i feel like throwing up :(

the only thing that makes me happy nowdays...is my friends. especially friends on here too :)...too much to name lol...but TOPH :D...you stick out too much lol pretty girl ;).

well.... i need to start writing my 1st draft for my poetry analysis of the poem "Proof" by; Emily Dickinson, doing some sample chemistry problems that i'm gonna have my friend Dev check for me ('cause i need help lol), studying for my japanese quiz tomorrow, and other thingys that i can't think of now but i will remember later lol.

but...if anyone wants to talk or anything...i'll be on aim...my aim is skagothchik .....i kno lol...what a name but i've had that screenname since i was in 6th grade and i haven't changed it lol. and i'm too lazy to change it so...yeah. but if anyone wants to talk or whatever lol...i'll be on :)