Christian Chavez of RBD comes out!

Christian Chavez, 23, of the popular Mexican pop group RBD came out of the closet today, after photos of him getting married in Canada were published by a Latin gossip site. He released the following statement:

"On March first 2007 certain photographs were released that show a part of me, a part that I was not prepared to speak of in fear of rejection, of criticism, but especially for my family and its consequences.

I think it's time to grow up, not only as a human being, but also as an artist.

I believe love is the purest feeling that exists and in this career filled with loneliness, having the opportunity to share those moments with someone, that when you look into their eyes, you forget all the negative things, it's a gift of life, that I cherish more than fame.

I don't want to keep on lying and lie to myself because of fear, I love what I do and singing is my life, my passion. I would never dream of doing anything else. I feel bad for not having shared this withall my fans before, as they are the ones that worry and it is because of them that I decided to be honest.

Hopefully they will be able to see beyond this note, and realize that I am a human being just like any other, with defects and virtues. I don't think this is a defect, I won't deny it.

I ask the press to respect my family and myself, through this letter. There will be no future statements.

Although I'm scared and filled with uncertainty I know that I can rely on the support of my fans, their love is bigger than all of this. I ask them from the bottom of my heart, not to judge me for being honest and to feel proud of who they are and never make the same mistake I did.

!Tolerance to diversity!

Christian Chavez



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u r a great person!!!!!!!!!!

eres una persona muy valiente por haber salido del closet pero t tardaste un poquito, pero de todos modos tienes talento. Espero que no te dejes vencer por el que diran, y lucha por tus ideales. se despide

la unica angelita que harrastra una cola del demonio

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The pink hair didn't give it

The pink hair didn't give it away, of course not :P

- One Nation, Under Darkness, with liberty and justice for white, heterosexual, rich, Christian men

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Christian we will always love u

Ch Christian u are great and a wonderful singer it was probly hard 4 u butu inspire me ...........i m not homosexual..........but i just think that it takes some1 real to do somthing great lik that u r the best....u probly hav mad fans supporting u but i no that i am ur #1 i hav loves u since rebelde.................well anyway u r a great person and ur man is probly great congratulations!!!!!!!!! and i hope u continue ur career not only 4 ur fans but 4 urself neva giv in and neva giv up .........o0o and keep changing ur hair color !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ur #1 fan!!!!


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NO matter what you are i still have faith in you..Keep it up!

No matter what you choose to be straight or gay or both your fan s will always love you no matter what. You are a brave person and I give you credit for that because some people never have the courage to do what you did. I love you guys since you first started and i have watched your show and loved it.......but just remember that your fans are here to support you through every thing and we wont forget you..........Oh and by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! your man is a lucky person to have you. And i am so happy you found somebody to love and that will love you back. Keep the hair colors up love them. Your fan Kristina

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It doesn't matter

Christian, it doesn't matter weather your straight or not you are a great artist and always will be.....anybody who judges you because of your sexual orientation is a fool and should be condemed to hell having said that people all have their right to an opinion the key for you would be to pay no attention to the bad opinions and praise the good ones. I my self have family who are homosexual and I did not treat them any different after i found out because there are more important things in the world. i want you to know that no matter what anyone ever says you are a great person and artist and nothing can change that NOTHING AT ALL. also i want you to know that i think you are adorable no matter what and my favorite RBD song is Tu Amor mainly because you sing most of it. I want to wish you the best of luck in your life and career and send much love to you its nice to know there are still true artists out there.....LOTS OF LOVE FOREVER....ELIZABETH QUIRINDONGO...P.S CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! I wish you and your man the best of luck and love i am so glad that you have someone to love and that you are happy.....also i think you are an extreamly brave person most people (especially stars) would have never had the guts to do what you did so thanks for showing the world what true bravery is and remember your fans are always behind you 100% keep it up GOOD LUCK!!!!