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God i'm bad at writing these things. i'll tr thoughhh.. here it goes...

so pretty much its the same as ever. No boyfriend, no excitement, but im getting along pretty well.I'd like to tell myself i'm not gonna mope about those things anymore, but that would be a lie. Almost got my hopes up when i almost kissed this guy ( ive liked him for a while now), then found out he had a girlfriend. Oh well. I'm such a romantic, and its all wasted in the stories i write. i cant show someone how i feel without being crushed. The only thing that keeps me from insanity is my drawing,writnings,and my guitar. friends are lost in there own pathetic lives such like me, guess thats why we hang out 24/7.
Hope everyone is better.


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It is the unenviable world

It is the unenviable world of many a gay teen you inhabit, Kelton. Things do get better, but nothing feels more like forever than the wait for that first love to happen.

Hugs, sweetie.

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