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Our school had a kick ass concert last night. The 8th grade band played, the one that I'm in. Then we went into the audience and the Chorale sang their songs. One of them was in Afrikaans or something and this kid next to me Brandon goes "Why are they singing in Afrikaans? I don't understand them." And I was like You're saying Afrikaans wrong.
Aaaand thennn... the Hildamin Chorale (I really don't know how to spell that) came up and sang. They're like some community group of old people, and there was one white lady. (not meaning to be racist, just telling the truth) They sang like 7 songs and that made the concert go on till like 8:30 instead of 8.
I told my mom that Hanby and Talley (the two other middle schools) would be there, because Mr. Baronio, our band teacher, said something about them coming. But it turns out that they're coming on like the 11th. Blonde moment.
During the Chorale's preformance, Bonnie (member of the Muffin Club) was all like *gets off beat during the clapping and messes up*
That made me laugh. It seems like something I would do.


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It's always funny when

It's always funny when someone messes up in the middle of concert. Bad thing is it will probably end up happening to you, everyone has there moment of being a clutz. Mine was playing when the whole band had a 2 measures of rest, and everyone heard, the director shook his head, and the rest of the band members just gawked at me. Embarrassing. Anyway, congrats on having a good concert!

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I didn't know bonnie got

I didn't know bonnie got off beat. Teehee. Good times.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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well she did. she missed

well she did. she missed the first clap, and then tried to get back in right after that.. and it didnt work. lol.