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So anyway, thanks for the comments. I wasn't expecting that to happen for a week or two.
You can picture it all very well if you think of that painting with the farmer and his wife standing in front of their farmhouse with the pitch fork and rake.
Imagine the five of us standing infront of the house with that bewildered farmer look. Maybe Sarah Brightman singing Pie Jesu in the background.
Music? Yes I am a music freak! I play keyboard and my last year in L.A. got to go on a field trip to Germany to visit some of the cathedrals there and played one of the oldest organs in the free world.
Question: While packing to move to Wyoming, "mom do they have electricity in Wyoming?"
I had a stuffed toy thrown at me for that question but my reasoning was that I have amassed a total of three electronic keyboards and wondered if I would ever play them again. I get my biggest enjoyment out of writing music and actually wrote a piece for public broadcasting stations that I believe is used during station breaks in Oregon on OPB. They use it to promote the station and show scenes of Oregon while an orchestra plays the song. It ends with a view of the last several notes being played by the orchestra itself. I have a DVD they sent me somewhere buried in the garage.
We have things in boxes in the garage that we may never see again. Last weekend I heard this shriek from the garage and went running down to see if mom had been attacked by a puma or something. She had found a tea pot that she was sure had been lost in the move. Danny is still looking for Mr. Fuzzy, his Teddy Bear from days gone by.
I also write a lot of stories and plan to someday be a rich author or composer or both, or maybe pump gas at the local 76 Union station. I haven't really decided.
Right now I work after school at a little coffee shop as a waiter, sometimes burger flipper, often fryer cleaner. I met this old guy there. He is a regular and never misses a day. He was brilliant in noticing that we were the new family in town and one day I was on a break and sat and talked with him.
"So you're from Los Angeleeees huh? Bet it's a lot different there than here.
"Did ya know any movie stars?"
Turns out he was originally from Manhattan and moved here when he was 19 years old, back in '69. He told about how he went over the border to Canada to escape the draft, not because he was afraid but because he didn't believe in the Viet Nam War. He dosen't have much good to say about this one either and spits in his napkin when Bush is mentioned.
"I hated it here," he said. I hated Wyoming so bad that I once took a bus all the way back to New York, but I came back."
He laughed, "I guess you can see that though."
Bill comes in everyday and I have been told that he used to come in the morning but now he comes just after school is out so he can see me.
HRMMM. I guess he is just lonely. They said his wife passed away a few years ago and he now drives a bus for the local retirement community.
He's 56. Not old by today's standards but he has a way about him that would make you believe that he was around when God was born.
Danny came in the other day and he took a real shine to him.
"So this is your little brother?" he said. "You know Damon talks about you all the time?"
I don't remember even telling him I had a little brother.