could you want to take my picture?

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"Take a Picture" by Filter is a beautiful song. I don't care if it's a 90's hit off the cheesy radio stations, it's wonderful.

Moving on: our school's german class does the foreign exchange and their german's came in this weekend. [I'm not in german myself, but I have a few friends that are.] So I got to meet a few today. They were standing in a large group when I got to school and I saw this absolutely stunning individual that just made my eyes go big. But, unfortunately, her american is not friends with any of my friends, so we will probably not be introduced. But the ones I did meet were ever-friendly and fairly shy, for no conversations really bloomed.

Crush current events: I'm so close to giving up, quite honestly. Having a crush on someone straight is pretty much useless, unless there's a shot that they're questioning. But I'm pretty sure my conclusions are resulting in that that's just how she is: friendly. Uber-friendly, and that we just bring the touchy-feeliness out of eachother just because it's in our nature [even though we all know it's more in my case.]

But on Friday I called her to see how she was dealing with her fever and we talked for about an hour, then on Saturday I called her to ask again how she was doing and if she was well enough to hang out on Sunday as we had planned [with friends and such], and we talked for nearly two hours, and she said that she'll be loaded with homework and probably still sick, and if we didn't talk that I should call her [which didn't make sense, but I got it: she wanted me to call her.] And I was thrilled.


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Crushes on straight people suck!!I know the feeling.But on the plus side at least you got to spend some time chatting to her:]

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