damn...they're like girls...

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*Sigh* i'm bored outta my mind right now lol. i swear to god my cousins are really girls trapped in guy bodies haha...they take sooooo damn long to get ready. damn you would think that they'd be waiting on me 'cause i'm a girl but NO...i only took like less than 5 minutes to get ready and that was at 7 when i called them to get ready and now it's 8:45 almost 9...

Yuppers...i'm the only girl with a bunch of guys; my dad and 2 or 3 cousins (Jay, Eddie, and JR)...i'm not complaining though...i LOVE hanging out with them, it makes the whole checking out girls thing a lil bit easier 'cause they'd bring up a girl and we all share our thoughts haha...well at times i keep my thoughts to myself 'cause i don't really like the girls they check out LMAO XD....

I'm soooo happy that i get to go out and we're watching a movie...i just saw 300 on sunday and i love that movie :)...and today we're hopefully gonna watch Dead Silence YaY!!

oOo guess what?...i'm gonna be a godmother :)
yeah...well my ex/friend from a long time ago (we still talk & are cool with each other) told me that one of her good friends is gonna give her, her baby and stuff...and she asked what i thought and i told if that's what she wants and her friend is ok with it then go for it and then she's like..."so you gonna be the godmother?" and i was like "uh me?" and she's like "yeah lol" and OMG i wanted to cry lol...so i was like "you sure?" and she said yeah...

OMG omg...i'm gonna be a godmother :)...i'm soooo happy!!

*thinking thinking...blank thoughts* hehe...yeah i'm bored and it's hot and i'm getting tired lol...why can't they hurry up? all they gotta do is take shower, put on underwear, put on shirt then pants/shorts, put on cologne, then shoes and TADA DONE!! lol...well it's the same thing i did except for cologne i put perfume...the shower only took less than 20 mins then the clothes was less than 5...god...

Lol...as you can tell...i can be an impaitient person...well only when i need to get to somewhere at a certain time or if i'm going out lol...other than that i'm cool and calm haha.

lalala la lala la lala

maybe i should stop this post now and catcha few winks before we go...when we go! lol...ok ok me going for awhile...

i'll be back when we come back home or maybe in a few mins if their not here yet lol...later gators :)


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Nice lalalalas

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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haha thanx it's better if

haha thanx it's better if you heard them lol.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Ohh 300 was

Ohh 300 was fantastic.


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