Danger in my haven

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It's the sad truth of life: it's not fair. Parents swear to protect you from all they can and never bring you near harm and yet they always seem to bring harm right into your home, your safe haven, even as you tell the this is danger. They are so naive. It makes me wonder, is this how I will be in 10-15 years? It turns my stomache and rattles my brain. What does this woman have covering her eyes? Is she a horse with blinders running around the track of life? When will she throw them off to see the danger around her? I feel so powerless and so exposed, he's in my house, he's in my life, he touches, where his hands should never go, I am compared to the Boy crying wolf. Liar liar attention whore, how can I be that when I stay in my corner and not whisper a word? I am a void to her, a place where the bad things go. I am all that is bad. I understand it now, she brings in danger so danger will go to me, danger is bad, she sends bad to her void, I am the void.

And thank you to the one who called me beautiful


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Why do parents do that? Its not as if they will protect for ever. It is far more harmful to verprotect a child

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