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Am i the only one with deoression.
I hate my father and my mother is almost suicidal.
I dont know what to do.
I go to a doctor person to talk about my feelings and she s aid that the next tim i cut myself i am going to be in-patient on the 3rd floor (which here is the physch ward).
I cut myself yesterday because....
i read an e mail my dad sent me and he said that he loved me and that when he calls i never want to talk.
Which is true, because he try to attack my mother and sister and put me through mental abuse for 13 fucking years.
So now i dont know if im going to go the the hospital and i am kinda scared about it.
So has anyone been?
If so i need your help!!!!

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of course. severly

of course.
severly depressed, actually. i have been for a really, really long time.
the thing i find funny is, i've been a cutter for so long, i've lost count of how many times ive done it. and no ones threatened me to a hospital lol.
im not sure how i can help you. all of us on oasis are here to support you, and listen to you. but then again, just knowing that someone is there for you always helps.
if it ever gets really bad, or you just want someone to talk to, just pm me, ok?
remember...ive been there too. still kinda am. (lol)

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Wow random post i have goin

Hmmm i have been to a hospital yes. Just remember this if you go: You're not a crazy dude if ur in a mental hospital, and in fact when i was there, there was only like 2 crazy people; most are there for drug abuse or self harm. I was there for self harm. The part i hated was the food. IT WAS TERRIBLE, but that was just the one i was at. while there, they will try to tell you there is this and that wrong with you. It may be true it may not but i didnt need them to tell me anything for me to know what was wrong with me: (A "chemical imbalance"). When really i was just uncomfortable with myself, i hated my mom and my life in San Diego, so i move to the King County area (Seattle, my dad works with microsoft) and bam everything is better. i just needed a change of scenery, it rains like 24/7 here (i love rain) and there are 99745937454758473626261 trees per sq. mile , which makes me happy.

and as for depression: DAMN I have been depressed for like evah but with a wierd sort of optimistic twist to it... I used to have an account on here but i do not anymore. Who knows. I just look out the window at teh trees and listen to some Louis Armstrong, and bam im happy o_O. For some reasons trees strike me as hilarious. they look so chill. Ever stare at one for a long time? Just imagine it chillin there with a pair of shades on and dancing in the wind to some jazz. for some reason that makes me laugh. Kinda like a cactus with a hat and sunglasses on (like those cheesy dash board decorations)

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I too have depression among

I too have depression among many other things and I'm just happy that it's not as bad as it was while I was in high school. All I'm gonna say is that I was miserable and extremely deperate for attention from my peers.

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I've been depressed for

I've been depressed for months now, because I do not like what I'm doing. I'm taking up a course, but i really really do not like it. I want to be an events person but my mom wouldn't want me to take that up, so I will be forced to shift to engineering instead. I dont like what's happening with my life right now, and the thing is, i am not doing anything about it. Because eventhough i do something about it, it wouldnt matter anyway. I am not seeing a doctor or a shrink right now because my mom thinks that it's not needed. oh well. *heavy sigh*

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Seemed like you have a

Seemed like you have a problem. As a teen in alot of cases your parents will try and pretend you don't have a problem when you do. Me I had councilling and that didn't do much because the psych dudes didn't have enough time to listen. I was also on Zoloft for years but that made me emotionless.

I would go on but I just woke up, I turned to Mary-J for a long ass time, but that gets expensive and stuff. Just message me on Facebook, (Bryan Barnett) or e-mail me at But I check my Facebook at least twice a day if not more.

Some , sometimes alot of the things people and pamphlets suggest you do to help with depression doesn't work or you just can't get yourself to do it. I've gotten through depression pretty well, sometimes fall into slumps, but it's now more or less pessimism.

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I have struggled with

I have struggled with depression since I was your age. I am on cymbalta now, which really helps. The thing is, there's clinical depression, which is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Then there is depression caused by the shit that happens in your life. If you are clinically depressed, then finding a medication to control it can really help you to deal with the other kind of depression. I know that when I am not on my antidepressants, every little problem just paralyzes me. whereas when I'm on my meds, I find I can cope a lot better with the shit life throws at me - even the really bad stuff.

I have also been to in a psyche ward before. It's scary, but it can also be looked at as an opportunity - a tool to help you work things out and get a fresh start. There's one thing I've learned about life, sweetie - very little of it is black & white. So much depends on your outlook on things. If your outlook tends to suck, then so does life. Fortunately, if your outlook does suck, it's possible to retrain it. Part of that has to do with controlling the clinical depression, which I strongly suspect you have. The other part requires some real work on your part. There are things you can do that can really help, but not until the depression gets under control. I suggest that you talk to your counsellor about that. If you want to talk more, I'm here. You can always private me too if you want. I know a lot about what you're going through. I was in the same boat at your age. I got through it. You can too.


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