Don't judge people...

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Ah... the irony. Today I went to new market with my sister (Oh Yay! Family Bonding!) because she needs to fix her laptop. We were waiting at bus stop and I started talking to her what people are like.

I told her all people are actually nice, once we get to know them. Everyone wants the same things, to be loved, and to belong. And it's actually possible to strike up a conversation with most people - as long as you keep talking and find common ground to talk about. I told her being talkative is a good trait of being confident.

Then we went to new market and although her laptop can't be fixed (woo for milk on keyboard), I learnt a lot of things.

This is what happened first. I was speaking to her in mandarin in the malls, and I was telling her how good it is to know a different language. Like we can say anything and most other people cannot understand. I proved it to her by intentionally mocking a 'white' father in front of us (only to prove my point). The father only continued talking to his son.

Then we got on the bus. When we were about to sit down, a blonde lady to the left of us was shouting at someone (we didn't hear what she said as she stopped after we sat down). Her hair was a bit messy and it looked like she was paranoid. She seemed a bit crazy then we just started talking about our encounters with crazy people (in mandarin again). We talked about how there are incidents where people in Taiwan stab people on the streets and spray acids on people's faces (it's true). There was a dark haired caucassion woman in front of us. Then I said you never know, if this was Taiwan anyone could spray acid on your office - possibly even that dark-haired lady in front of us (in mandarin).

Then we kept talking. Then suddenly that grey haired caucassion lady turned around and begun speaking to us in mandarin. I like froze there. 'Cause you know, you don't usually expect a white person to speak chinese. (Luckily she never heard the acid bit quite well...). She just asked us some questions. In fact we clicked quite well and we begun talking and she was really nice. I felt really bad about saying the spraying acid thing about her, then I realised what I said to the father at the mall wasn't really too nice either.

Then she asked where this bus went, we weren't exactly too sure... but to our surprise that 'crazy' blonde lady joined in our conversation. She gave that dark-haired lady directions very clearly and we all talked like we knew each other. She even stood up to point to the direction the dark-haired lady was meant to go when shey was getting off the bus.

The irony struck me. That morning I was still going on about how everyone was nice - yet I was the only one speaking degradatorily to people. Then a nice caucassion lady knowing mandarin and a 'crazy' lady ending up being nice and engaging to people. It proves my statement that everyone is nice, when you get to know them. It shows that we should never, never judge people. I should've known that ages ago.

On a lesser note, I ate curry today. It was nice.