DVD Trading Idea

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I just had an idea about the contests Jeff has been setting up.

Lots of the movies that have been removed, I would like to see, as I'd imagine everyone else would. And since they are relatively difficult to find (for some people) it'd be nice to trade around the ones that have been won.

So maybe it'll work something like this:

You post a DVD that you wouldn't mind loaning out (and accepting the loss if it gets lost in the mail... eaten by someone's dog, etc.) and then someone posts that they'd like it sent to them. If we send them without the case in a regular envelope its just regular postage (within North America, I'm not sure about else where). And then the receiver sends it along to the next person in line after a pre-determined time until the first person wants it back.

This thought probably needs some work. What do you all think?

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By removed I definitely

By removed I definitely meant "reviewed."

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The hard part is that a large number of people won't wanting to be giving their addresses out to one another. My understanding is a lot of people don't even enter contests because I'd have to get their address if they win, etc.

Of course, among the people who wouldn't mind, sounds like a plan.

My take is that a lot of these movies don't warrant repeat viewing. Obviously, I think that, since these are the review copies given to me and as soon as I'm done with them, I put them up as contests. I don't get an additional copy to give away, these are technically mine, and usually once was enough.

This will be a better plan once the site gets membership levels in place, so that people of a certain membership level are somewhat trusted to be on the right mindset for the site. So, someone can't just sign up, and immediately offer up a DVD and get someone's address.


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Oh, right, that never

Oh, right, that never occurred to me.

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I had this exact same idea

I had this exact same idea today, only with books. I figured it wouldn't work until, as Jeff said, the new site is rolled out. But I'd definitely participate with both books and movies. I have lots of gay-themed stuff.

You can also send stuff via the post office at the "media mail" rate, which is cheaper than parcel post.

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