everyone was rated a 1...

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...only found a 5 lol.

haha i went to mall to go look for my shoes (well heels lol) for my dress and i got 'em :) && i was breaking them in at work...OH MY GOSH...my legs are like sore now lol.

so i got my shoes (black heels with a lil ribbon on the front...cuteXD) and i got a bra (i SO did NOT know that they had halter top bras :? but i gots one lol 'cause the dress is a halter)...so yeah after getting all that me and my friend were sitting down on the very very comfortable seats lol and were rating everyone.

i know i know...mean...but yeah so we went from 1 (ugly) to 10 (hot) lol...her doing the guys and me doing the girls...& so sad...everyone we saw was a 1 except this one guy who was a 5 lol...

oOo i lovee' starbucks...can i have a venti rasberry passion iced tea pleeeeeaaaasssseeee???....&& add some extra sugar...ah yum. && being a weird one i mixed some Arby's rasberry iced tea in it 'cause they gave me a drink when i didn't want one but i just took it and...the taste is ORGASMIC...i swear it tasted like they spiked it too, so i felt drunk lol.

well...what else...what else...i don't start driving until next month :(...i'm ranked # 19 outta 30 for today...tomorrow might be different. uhm...well...idk...can't think...i'm tired and i gotta finish my drivers ed homework...

oh...i went to go get some apps too...starbucks ran out but the guy said i can go online...hehe the guy was cute (oh my did i just say that lol) but the girl was even CUTER XD. i felt like a predator today lmao...its sad ...blah...

well...i gots to finish my drivers ed homework..i'll be back on laters...so i'll ttya'll laters :)

take cares...


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Iced carmel macchiato wit whipped cream and a shot of espresso. Absolutely amazing.

Ride hard or stay home.

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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Gonna have to second the Iced carmel macchiato with whipped cream.

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Mmm, fun day. I'd rate you a

Mmm, fun day.

I'd rate you a 10! haha

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD