Everything she Does is Magic

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I don't know where I left off, on my Journals here.
But I imagine maybe a bit about leaving my boyfriend was on here, and for once, I am actually permanently away from him, we got back together, and two days later we were apart, and he hates me.
So I'm going to steal the hard drive that was going to go in his computer I was almost done building for him, and put it in mine.

For two months, I have been alone, no sex. Nothing. I haven't even wanted anyone til now.
I want -her-.

I go to an online school, I have met some of these kids, and yes. We are all REALLY awesome. Recently I started talking to a girl, who is a lesbian. I sit on MSN just waiting for her to come on.
Waiting, patiently.
She dances, she rock climbs. She is amazing. She is beautiful. Funny. and she works in a chocolate shop.

Here is where it gets good, I talk to my friend James all the time. He is by far the gayest person I know. He is like my girlfriend, in the way that we talk. I love James, and neither of us would ever think about being together. Because well.

Anyway, so I -think- and Hope that she likes me. I think she does, we are both single. But at the end of this month, we are both going for 3 days contra-dancing.
Oh my god, I cannot wait to meet her. I've seen pictures of her, and they were gorgeous. I know most of you will be like "You have a crush on a girl you met online?"

I do, yes. I'm damn proud of it, and she makes my stomach have butterflies, my cheeks red, and my mouth curl into a ridiculous smile.