Eye contact...

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So simple yet so.. Not...

Okay, so things are a little weird... But not really in a bad sense, just weird...

Before, back in the summer, when Sora and I would make eye contact, we'd start laughing. Because something was funny about it. I'm not sure what, but it was like we shared a secret and didn't know it.

Then I came out to her at the end of September, and we didn't laugh as much.

Then I told her how I feel about her, in November, and it went from being funny to peaceful.

Then sometime during the winter, it got a little awkward, and maybe intimidating. I kept feeling like I had to look away.

Now that it's March, it's even stranger. We were just sitting, and we like, looked into each others eyes. And we just sat there like that... Nobody wanted to look away. It was nice, but a little awkward.

People say so much with their eyes that it's crazy. And eyes are more honest than speech.

And also, yesterday when Sora came over, we were just like, sitting on the couch doing nothing. And our hands touched, just a little. And time seemed to stop. And again with the neither of us moving away thing. And it was also a little awkward. Because Sora had reached for something. (I think it was a candy wrapper..) and my hand was near it, and our hands touched, just a little. And I kept wondering why she wasn't moving away. Because she was grabbing a candy wrapper you know? XD

I hope I can see her today, but I'm afraid that she got in trouble because we lost track of time (A second time. The first time was a week ago because of Daylight Savings. Don't know if that counts or not.) and she got home late.



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I'd bet my bottom AND my

I'd bet my bottom AND my dollar that her eyes were telling you to kiss her... I can't say much for the awkward though... sometimes it just is... have you told her how you feel about the awkwardness?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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yeah i've had stares like

yeah i've had stares like that before with my first crush especially. but i don't think it was as... intense? maybe. it wasn't a sign that was like "hey let's kiss" but i mean, christ, who stares like that besides people who want to hardcore kiss you right there? you know?

my second crush did the laughing thing. pissed me off, actually. a moment could never be created. you can see why i gave the interest up.
and i've had a few moments with the new one. but they've been brief.

she probably left her hand there for a reason. if she was reaching for something and then didn't get it just to continue touching you, i'd take it as something. that's must've been nice =]

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i like cucumbers