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Hmmmm...i'm actually surprised with myself that i haven't really really made a post about whats been going on and stuffies...not like much has been going on but idk for some reason i feel as though i just lost touch with you guys lol...even though i made a post yesterday (although it was only about a story i read lol).

Well...idk i have so much stuff to do for school now since it's the last week, so i'm probably gonna be on but just reading posts instead of making them unless...something happens lol.

But is what's going on or happened :) ;

* Got my prom dress on Sat. (i'll take a pic soon, so ya'll can see)

* I start Drivers Ed next week monday...YAY i've been waiting forever for this...

* I'm gonna be working...A LOT (6 days this week and 4 or 5 days next week...i mostly only get 2 or 3 days of work)

* I'm gonna buy me the new phone with next weeks paycheck & pay off my lil thingy with my ex, so i can be free of her

* I had a near death experience, we were cameleon (?) hunting in the forests lol and i slipped and if my cousin didn't grab onto me...i would've slid down the hill/cliff thingy and landed on the freeway which would've gotten me run over by a car

...well i think that's it...i'm tired and i have so much to do tomorrow...i have an exam this week that i NEED to pass 'cause i'm failing...i also have a presentation (blah) the guys in my group are lazy (i got pissed today 'cause his excuse was that he had to work...fuck i had to work too and i still got mine done).

i'm super stressing right now lol...but sigh imma get me some sleep...hope everyone has a good week and take cares :)


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Enjoy your stuff

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"