Finally something good!

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I'm wiped from all this testing. CAHSEE has insulted my intelligence in a way I thought only my parents could. Honestly, I thought this was supposed to be an Exit Exam meant to challenge your mind, not 10n+3=23, find n. But I think that the worst part of it all is how I now I finals tomorrow and friday, I feel cheated, I understand that now I am eligable to graduate, but I won't be getting anywhere if I fail finals, 15% of my grade is on the line here. I swear admin are the dumbest people on my campus.
Better news, I have a job interview with Toys"R" Us as a Party Center team leader and seeing as I detest small children this should be interesting. I'm nervous and showing it, which is odd for me I usually can hide all forms of emotion. Jessica and her mother are giving me a ride to the store right after finals and Jess and I plan to go to Panera and eat as many pasteries we can afford for $20. So I actually have after finals plans with someone for the first time since moving to Sac. Really exciting.
To top it all off, I also have weekend plans, Job fair at Cal Expo for Raging waters, yeah I really need a job, and spending the night at The Takahashi's while my mother is fucking the fiance in San Jose. No problem, Phil is coming back from college and Brandon is going to be Brandon so I am pretty much dead. But it'll be fun, I've known them for years, Brandon and I hated each other when we played soccer together but off the field we were the best of friends. Yeah, I'm done now, I'm just really happy that I finally have some plans.... that I'll enjoy!


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yay for plans!!!!!!

look the innocent flower but be the serpent under it

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yeah the CAHSEE exam was the

yeah the CAHSEE exam was the easiest test you'll ever take in highschool. last year when i took it the girl who was high next to me passed it.