fuck fuck fuck help i'm drowning in schoolwork!!!!!!!!

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i have to write my art draft by tomoro, i need to study for math test monday, i need to write english essay, music essay, i've lost my play text in drama which i need for directing piece, i need to hand in 3 resolved art pieces! i'm only on here now for a breather, and i'm drowning. i had a cup of coffee before to keep me awake (3 coffee and 3 sugar) and i just need to slow down!!! i think i'll ask for an extension 4 art. i feel liked i'm being pushed pushed pushed and i'm so close to falling. my head is a bit spinny at the mo, like just this moment, a bit dizzy. fuck fuck fucki can't wait for the nxt 2 weeks to finish. i wanna get drunk saturday night to forget about everything.


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awww. *pats on back* I know

awww. *pats on back* I know how you feel exactly... **please don't drown!!*

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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Hang in there bro! You can

Hang in there bro! You can make it.

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