GLM - It's Official

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Okay it's official. The deadline for Gay Like Me submissions has been moved to March 15th. Here's what we need:

1. Autobiographical stories (or stories about someone you know). Preferably at least two pages long. Actually longer would be better. We do not want fiction unless it is based on a true story. The whole idea is to get true stories about gay teen life. Keep this in mind: you don't necessarily have to write new pieces for this. There are plenty of journal entries out there that, if polished a bit, would make excellent submissions. I encourage EVERYBODY to look back on your journals for stuff you can submit. We will be combing through them as well and may write you asking for permission to use some of your entries. Also remember that what we need are drafts. The editors will be happy to help you craft your finished product.

2. Artwork. To date, we have exactly 0 art submissions. Yes, that's a big fat zero. We can do the book without art though, so if you are deciding between either a story or artwork, write the story.

We do not need more poetry unless it is accompanied by a story or artwork.

Multiple submissions are welcome. We would much rather wind up with too much material than not enough, and the way things look, it doesn't seem very likely that we're going to have too much.

Once again, your submission should be emailed to either or

Thanks to everyone who has submitted already. You will not be assigned an editor until we are certain that we have enough submissions to proceed with the project, so have patience.

- Patrick