GLSEN JumpStart National Student Leadership Team

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Hi everybody,
Anybody who's interested in activism and being part of a national movement to change the climate of schools should consider applying for the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network's Jump-Start National Student Leadership Team. It really rocks-- it's a great community of high schoolers from all over the country, very diverse socioeconomically because it's completely free, 50% students of color, and it's not just LGB students, there are trans and straight kids also. They pay for everything, including plane tickets and spiffy hotels at the trainings and summits, and then you get support from staff people and resources all year long, plus lots of friends. Lots of energy for change, plus learning about leading workshops, teacher trainings, legislation, campaigns, GSA's and so on. If you're a leader, apply to be regional student organizer at

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Anyone know of anything like

Anyone know of anything like this for Canada. All the programs tend to be for the US.


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leader! leader! leader!

leader! leader! leader!