hate crosswalks now...

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yup yup. i literally hate crosswalks now. && NO lol nothing attacked me haha. but i swear is it in a guys nature to honk the horn and yell out to girls crossing the crosswalk? it's so irritating.

i just got off the bus to walk to work and i was at a crosswalk waiting for the light to turn and i can walk and a bunch of guys in a truck stop at the stop light and are looking at me. i'm used to looking so it didn't bother me 'cause in my head i was like "haha look all you want but i like girls not guys" lol yeah so i looked away 'cause they were hurting my eyes XD

so the light turned and i got to walk and idk who the hell makes the roads or the times on the lights, but why are you gonna have a crosswalk say WALK when you let cars turn where the crosswalk is and people are walking...i swear that is sooo stupid and when they say YIELD to the pedestrians...god dammit YIELD don't drive on like you're the best damn old man ever shiit.

and guess what? right when that old man crossed me when i was walking...the stupid guys in the truck were laughing and were like "awww" but i just let it go...then when i got to the other side i had to wait at another goddamn crosswalk and right when i got there...they took it upon themselves to start honking and yelling (i could barely hear 'cause i had my iPod on loud) and when they passed me they all looked at me smiling...EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EWWWWWWWWWWWWW...

fucking irking. yeahs. no more crosswalks for me. guys like that are so.....irritating. *sigh* stupid.