Have you guys ever have straight people crush on you even though they know you're gay?

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Happened me more than once, and now I think one of my other friends is doing that. She's been acting all wierd lately... she keeps trying to get my attention and always ask if I'm angry when I'm not talking to her. Then yesterday she was really quiet and I asked what's wrong and that she can tell me and she said it's about me but then she decided not to say it. So um yeah.

Odd. I don't know.


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well, its not like its

well, its not like its uncommon for gay people to crush on straight.

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hmm true, i guess it's kind

hmm true, i guess it's kind of like a reverse of that. In a way it is also quite flattering I suppose

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I have a friend who is bi

I have a friend who is bi and a straight friend who is a boy and he had or has (I'm not sure if he's gotten over her) a crush on the girl who is bi even though he knew she was bi. So I guess it must be possible for straights to get crushes on gays. It must be rare though because there aren't as many people who are gay as there are people who are straight.

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ummmmmm... if shes bi, whats

if shes bi, whats the problem?

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Does sound a bit like a crush. Take it as a compliment

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Yeah I went out with one for

Yeah I went out with one for 3 months. I really don't like her now.

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Crushing on people who are

Crushing on people who are unavailable is fairly common no matter how you slice it. It's definitely flattering, but hopefully she'll get over it, cuz it can really screw up a good friendship. If she does decide to fess up, sometimes the "If I were going to feel that way about any girl..." spiel can help ease their pain a bit. Just don't over do it or she might think there's a chance it might happen. :)

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