Hello Again!!!

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It has been TOOOO long since I have actually done anything on here. When i first got an account on here, my mom found that I had been on this site and she didn't know yet that I was bi. So I didn't get on here for a while. Then my computer took a big crap and it barely works anymore. So here I am again... At the public library, but at least I'm online.
Well, the bad thing about being at the public library being online is that I can't be on for that long.
So... I like this guy named Colin.... but I'm too chickenshit to do anything about it. My loser friend Jed hasn't said anything to him about it yet, even tho he said he would (like 2 weeks ago). Oh well I guess. I like a girl named Laci too.... but we're "too good of friends." It sucks.... loneliness. :(
Well, I need to go now.
Hearts and Hugs,