Here we go again.

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You know we're always fighting but I love her to death! On the first we will have been going out for 3 months, she asked me out on New Years.:)
I really couldn't live life without her and if we broke up I would probably start cutting myself again. She's my boo, I just can't screw up. But I don't think that I'm the right girl for her and that her ex gf summer would be so much better for her. Ok enough with being sad

She's coming up this summer!!!!!! YAY FOR ME!! Today i was IMing her and i accidently unplugged my monitor and she thought I was breaking up with her. Ooops....nothing special happened today except for when...I got to see my mommy! We all do this thing when we're messing aroung we hit each other in the forhead and say "Oops ya ran into a tree." lol. It's actually kinda funny. Except for today my sister was retarded and missed my forhead and gave me a bloody nose.:( Although it was still funny. Well that's all folks talk to you tomorrow!


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i dunno...

but if you'll start cutting yourself if you break up with her, then maybe your'e too dependent on her for your happiness and that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship....i don't know you or your situation that well, but i'm just saying......
anywayz, good luck with your noseLOL