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Short entry, just saying things slowly coming to order again... friends going alright.. school work slowly easing off and commitments aren't as much as before. Besides the occasional things on my mind and some stuff I have to do, things are great. I just need to improve my school results and try a little harder... I'm not doing as well as last year and I know I can do better. Hmm. Also Tyler and Julie have went to Japan I think. Ah wel, won't see them for like another year until they come back. I talked to one of my ex-crushes today and I just realised how cute he still is. Hmm hmm. Some things still piss me off but I'm in a happy mood right now so they're no big deal. Anyways life haven't been so smooth and relatively carefree for ages...


Wierd thought. I have no idea if I'm out at school or not. I mean I think everyone knows already but no one seems to mock me. Lmao, I dno... I think that's a good sign but maybe everyone just forgot about it. Do people forget this kind of stuff?


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My friends forget, I think

My friends forget, I think (which is exactly the reaction I want- one where nothing changes at all). I've got no idea how out I am at school either, I honestly have no idea if people know or not and who knows and who doesn't.

Good luck with improving school stuff. But it's nice to know that at least some of the people who post here are happy...

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Its just not always the most interesting thing, its just a fact that they accept and ignore unless it comes up in conversation I would imaging. Be gald, that's a good thing
I'm glad the ex-crush is still cute. Is that tyler or someone else?

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